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Shroomlandia for PC

  • shroomlandia title screen
  • shroomlandia essence screen
  • shroomlandia map screen
Minimum Requirements
  1. Pentium processor or higher.
  2. 64 Mb RAM
  3. Windows XP or higher with DirectX 5 or above.
  4. Supports all DirectX-compatible sound and video cards.

Travel with the Sorceress across Shroomlandia as you experience her erotic adventure. Her mind is on one thing and that is SEX! Watch her hot body as she gets naked in the woods and masturbates her way to the end of the game.

Random battles occur on the map screen. As your health gets low stop in at the tavern to buy potions that will keep you going to the end. While you are there you can make some cash in the milking chair.

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